Our goal is to spread and let the world know the excellence of our territories, without equal on the planet, rich in History, Culture, Nature, Landscapes, Villages, Enology, Gastronomy.

We want to accompany you in the warm and genuine hospitality of its inhabitants, always open and curious towards “those who come from far away”, always happy to share their wisdom and their traditions. All of Italy is proud of this.

Over the centuries, it has developed in our beautiful Italy, the pleasure, the worship to live better, and only dividend his secrets with guests, that always are  welcome and are well received,  can be  completed this virtuous circle.

Italy is the country of a thousand flavors and fragrances, which are expressed at their best in gastronomy and enology, the best in the world, and going along its paths is like opening a treasure chest with a thousand treasures.

Skilled hands have woven with all the essences and aromas that nature has given us, creating the products renowned and sought after everywhere, appreciated and desired,   in all the of  King canteens and in restaurants around the world.

Our goal then is to accompany you in this fascinating land and to taste with you all the nuances that made it truly unique and inimitable.